dimecres, 27 d’abril de 2011


Hi, guys!
I know you want to learn the choreography of the program, and you know how to find it, but I thought that if you have the link to watch the video is easier; so here you have and enjoy dancing.

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  1. Hello, Ubald! I search the choreography is rare. But very funny. Ddddeeeeeuuuuuu.

    Aurora O.

  2. Hi Ubald!
    I learned the coreography in ten minutes! Is very very funny. I think Oriol sings very well. I love dance and music, on mondays and wednesday I go to hip hop clases, so I love dance. The video is nice and the coreography very awesome and easy to learn.
    Nuria P. =D

  3. Hello, is very fun Ubal Choreography Fish & Chips
    Goodbye. :D

  4. L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.

  5. Hi Ubald!! how are you?
    I love the choreography of fish & chips and i think Oriol sings very well.
    Is very funny i have a lot of rhythm i love to dance but me ...
    costs just because you sweat a lot i just have a heat, buf!!! =)
    bye, bye

    Irene L.

  6. Hello Ubald!! :D

    The coreografphi is very moving and the steps are not those slow where you sleep.

    Well goodbye. :P

    Laura L

  7. Hola, Ubaldo! Busco la coreografía es raro. Pero muy divertido.

    Leidy T

  8. Hi Ubald,

    The choreography is very funny and very moving, thanks for putting the choreography Ubald to put the choreography.

    Ubald bye, see you at school


  9. Hello Ubald.
    The choreography is pimp i fun.

    Goodbye Ubald.

    Alex R.